Michael O'Leary: Hagstone Story Teller

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Storytelling for Adults

In technological cultures storytelling is often seen as being just for children.

Now, Mike loves telling stories to children and that is the basis of his living, but he is not solely a children's storyteller.


(above) Mike telling tales for adults at The Italian Way
Restaurant, Hastings
(photo by timdalephotography.co.uk)

When children are encouraged to enjoy books we hope they will go on to become happily literate adults.

(left) Mike performing with firedancer Carol Childs at the Earthouse, Cranborne Ancient Technology Centre.


Similarly storytelling is also an art form for adults and the spoken word certainly is not subservient to the written word.

Mike tells stories to adults in a variety of situations - from care homes to prisons, as well as in the more performance oriented venues such as theatres and art centres.


He has also been booked as an after dinner speaker, at landmark birthday meals; and to tell a tale or two at hen parties!

(right) Mike telling a tale (of sorts) at a hen party.

So, if you require something that seems to be a bit different, but is actually as old as the hills: why not book Mike!

(left) Mike at the Turner-Simms concert hall, as part of "Sing for Water" event.


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