Michael O'Leary: Hagstone Story Teller

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Readathon's free books and storytellers make life better for children in hospital. Mike is pleased to be telling stories on a regular basis at Southampton General Hospital, for Readathon.

Mike is pleased to be one of Readathon's Hospital Storytellers; attached to Southampton General hospital, the Royal Devon Hospital, Exeter, and the Royal Cornwall Hospital, Truro.

Norman Lockyer Observatory

Stonehenge Ales

Though not totally responsible for the smooth and almost eel like way in which words slither from his lips, Stonehenge Ales have on occasion aided the fruition of pearls of wisdom ( to be noted down on waterproof paper) that lesser brews would have failed to ease out....

Another good reason for a link is that Mikes Webmaster (me) also "does" this site too... and is rightly proud (even though I say it myself)

We BOTH recommend the "Green" ( a.k.a. Sign Of Spring) when available (around Springtime surprisingly enough) , and the Danish Dynamite all the time.

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